Improving The Menopause Experience

Through Nutrition and Lifestyle: The Triangle of Hormonal Health. Due for release 2024

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Claire and Laura are ecstatic to announce that their book on improving menopause will be published in 2024 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

This work is the culmination of years of research, clinical experience and our personal journeys and dives into everything you need to know to feel well during this hormonal transition.

In the book we introduce our unique clinic model The Triangle of Hormonal Health and explore how our diet and stress play a huge part in balancing our hormones and how getting this balance is imperative in having good gut and immune function.

We discuss what a healthy diet is and break through the conflicting information that is prevalent online these days, we offer nutritional supplementation recommendations, lifestyle options such as the right exercise for this time of life, tips and hacks to improve sleep and reduce toxic load and also explore different HRT options to empower you with the information to feel that you can make requests of your GP that feel right for you.

This really is all the information you’ve been looking for and it is full of ‘aha’ moments.

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“This really is all the information you’ve been looking for and it is full of ‘aha’ moments.”

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